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Why You Should Adopt PPC Advertising for Your Small Business

Many small businesses are typically wary of trying out new marketing techniques because of the belief that doing so could dig a hole in their pocket and strain their marketing budget. However, toeing the line of some of these marketing strategies could turn out to be effective at driving results.

One such strategy is known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). According to stats, 45% of small businesses are actively investing in PPC advertising to grow their business operations. To further highlight the rate of adoption by other brands, we should note that 74% of small businesses with more than 50 employees are also investing in PPC advertising.

Some small businesses are solely dependent on SEO and organic search rankings because they feel adopting PPC advertising might be too expensive. However, they don’t understand the full scope of the benefits and advantages that PPC brings to the table. The advantages it presents outweigh cost by far. Also, it isn’t as expensive as many rumor to be.

Since your payment is limited to only those instances your ads are clicked, it shouldn’t be too challenging for your marketing budget. In fact, you can bid for less competitive keywords that still rank as one of the most searched keywords to cut on your cost-per-click.

The ultimate goal of this advertising model is generating a particular form of user action. Examples of such actions are registering on your website or buying a product from you.

Of all types of PPCs, Google Ads is the most common, and the reason is not far-fetched. Google-powered campaigns reach more than 90% of internet users globally, and the search engine owns more than 73% of the search market, including both paid and organic search results.

Owning a small business usually limits your reach to your local area and customers who become acquainted with your brand through word-of-mouth. However, thanks to the internet, this is now a thing of the past. Even if you have explored other marketing strategies with no results, using Google Ads or any other PPC strategy increases your reach and attracts new customers.

Google Ads alone reaches a network of more than two million websites and apps, which means it could help you to expand your audience significantly. But this is not the only benefit of using PPC marketing. Here’s a concise list of other advantages of using this marketing channel.

Complete Control

In the world of digital marketing, there are only a few marketing channels that can boast of complete control over their progress, and PPC is a good example of such a channel. 

For example, you gain full control over your budget by setting a daily limit on your ad spending. Furthermore, PPC campaigns give you the freedom to control when your ads are displayed. 

Its advanced targeting options make it easier to maximize ROI because it gives you the ability to choose your specific target audience.

It’s Measurable And Trackable

The best part of PPC advertising is perhaps the fact that you can measure the success of your campaign by utilizing data that various analytics tools provide. You could use tools like Google Analytics and Google Adwords to identify which paid ads are working best. With the results obtained from these tracking tools, you can take an iterative approach to your PPC campaigns.

The results come in the form of numerical data making it very easy for you to calculate, compare, and measure progress and failures. With the analysis of these results, you can easily monitor which components work and which lag behind. You can measure keywords and ads, clicks and impressions, visits, leads, and sales.

Since these results are measurable, you are given clear hints on whether to continue with the ads or not. It is possible to determine the underlying factor for the poor performance of your ads.


There is a growing misconception amongst small business owners that PPC advertising is expensive. If you’re one of them, you should understand that this is not the case. Running a PPC campaign is cost-effective if you design and implement it properly.

Let’s check some quick tips on how to make your PPC campaigns worth every penny.

  • Lower your CPC costs. Lowering your cost-per-click could help you achieve more. You could do this by adjusting your bids based on factors like location, rotation, and devices or switching on to manual bidding.
  • Perform competitor analysis. When creating a new PPC campaign, you must have a look at what your competitors are doing. Identify the audience they are targeting, the keywords they are using, and how much they are spending, among other things.

Enhances Brand Recognition

For new businesses or startups, PPC campaigns help improve brand awareness in the digital world. It could give them the spark they need and boost their online visibility so that people can establish a relationship with the brand.

Using PPC to target keywords related to your niche means that internet users who search for those keywords will most likely see your ad. Increasing your visibility can soon help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Did you know that you could also improve your brand’s visibility online by targeting your competitors’ keywords?

Final Note

PPC distinguishes itself as one of the must-haves for any small business that wants to place itself on the world’s digital map. Did you know that there are more devices connected to the internet than there are people on earth? PPC advertising widens your scope.

If you are still not taking advantage that PPC advertising presents, you are missing out on opportunities to enhance your growth online.