The Benefit of App Design Mockups

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The Benefit of App Design Mockups

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Designing an app involves bringing an idea to reality. There are four main time-tested steps in the development process.

  1. Sketch: This is what you are probably thinking. A sketch is a low-fidelity freehand drawing of how you want an app to look. This is the first step in giving life to an idea.
  2. Wireframe: A wireframe refers to the overall structure of the app. Creating a wireframe outline of an app involves drawings the layout and explaining its functionality. For example, what happens when you click a particular place. A wireframe is usually referred to as the skeleton of an app’s design.
  3. Mockup: A mockup is a medium-fidelity to high-fidelity visual representation of how your app will look. It gives you a feel of the final product.
  4. Prototype: A prototype is a high-fidelity representation of the UI and functionality of a site or app. It focuses on user interaction and shows you exactly how the website or app will look and work when it is completed.
What is a Mobile APP Mockup

Mobile APP Mockup Sketch

What is a Mockup

As indicated above, a mockup is a relatively detailed outline of the appearance of an app. The difference between an app mockup and wireframe is that the former includes colors, layout, images, typography, and more, while the latter may only feature sketches and text. A mockup is usually static. It gives you a glimpse into how the completed app will look and operate. Mockups are very important in the UX design process.

Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile app prototyping refers to the final phase in the designing of an app before it is built. Unlike a UI mockup which is static, a prototype is interactive. It includes animations and other UX features that will appear in the final version of the app. The prototype of an app is what is tested by users and potential investors before the final version is created. A prototype must represent an app with its full functionality. It is essential to test your app prototype repeatedly before you roll it out to investors and the public. Mobile app prototyping allows you to evaluate your idea in its final appearance. It also allows you to get valuable feedback and give investors a realistic sample of the app you’re creating.

Mockup Applications

Mobile APP Design Plan

Mockup Plan

There are many ways of creating a mockup. If you are a developer, you can code a mockup of your mobile app. While this may be time-consuming, it is an excellent way to get started on the project. You can start figuring out what works and what kind of technical expertise will be needed to get the app completed.

Another way to create a mockup is to use graphic design software. Since the mockup design is static, this should be quite easy. However, you need to be an expert graphic designer, or you may struggle.

The fastest and easiest way to create a mockup design is to use a mockup application. There are many online tools that you can use to create a mockup design of your mobile app. Some of the top mockup apps are UXPin, MOQUPS, MockPlus, Balsamiq, Sketch, MockingBird, Invision, and


Why Do You Need an App Design Mockup

There are many advantages of creating an app design mockup. It gives you an opportunity to make revisions to the final appearance of the site. For example, you may find that specific colors do not go well together or the place you have selected for the logo is not the best. There is no way to create a perfect UX design without doing a mockup of your app.

Another benefit of creating a mockup is that it allows you to explain precisely what you want from collaborators. This is essential to rally your team in the early stages of the app development process. A mockup is the best way to give everyone a clear vision of what the final app will look like and how it will function. It is also something you can show investors before you can raise funds and expertise to create a prototype of the app.

Designing a mockup is a crucial part of developing a mobile app. This is a step that must not be overlooked if you want to create an app that will appeal to users successfully.

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