Why You Need A Mobile App

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Why You Need A Mobile App

Staying competitive and relevant in today’s market has become crucial for just about every business to not only thrive but survive. Marketing plays a vital role for businesses to drive sales and enhance brand visibility. With the kind of success and results that online marketing provides, it became natural for most companies to design, develop, and maintain a business website. Websites showcase the company’s products and services as well as act as a virtual venue for customer engagement and service. However, the increasing usage of smartphones by people for just about everything has redefined the marketing world and compelled the businesses to not only rely on having a website but also develop an interactive and fluid mobile app. 

Starting from managing finances to organizing a to-do list and from shopping your groceries to ordering food, there is a mobile app for just about everything these days. It is because the attention of the people have shifted drastically to the mobile realm in the past few years, and the trend shows that it would continue to move in this direction going ahead. Not having a dedicated mobile application today is similar to not having a business website a couple of decades back. It would make your business look outdated, give your competitors with mobile app an added advantage, and fail to connect with the end users in a medium they prefer. It all boils down to losing business and sales and failing to stay relevant and competitive. Here are the few reasons as to why your business needs mobile app development:

Provide Better Value to Customers

Customer engagement and interaction would reach a new high with the help of a mobile app. Having special offers as well as a loyalty programs for customers using the mobile app can help boost sales and revenue considerably. There are many companies, for example, Starbucks, which has an app-only loyalty program. Such loyalty programs help drive sales and boost customer awareness.

Brand Visibility

In a world where just about every person in the world has a smartphone and spends about two hours on average on it, having a dedicated mobile app would strengthen your brand visibility. Having an app would improve communication with the end users and foster trust among the customers for being easily accessible. It gives a reason for people to trust you that can eventually convert to loyalty and sales. 

Customer Service

The mobile app is not only geared towards making sales, but one of its core functions is to improve customer service as well. It will make your customer service efforts more integrated, making your brand more accessible and user-friendly. Improving the customer experience is one of the driving factors why more and more companies are integrating technology with their business machinery, and having a mobile app would contribute vastly to that. 

Drive Traffic to Your Website

The website plays a different role than a mobile app, and one cannot substitute the other. While the use of the mobile app is encouraged, the relevancy of a website doesn’t diminish completely. The mobile app and website can work hand in hand to complement each other, and most of the adequately optimized mobile apps help drive traffic to the parent site. Similarly, the website encourages customers and visitors to download the mobile app from the app store. Mobile apps assist with targeted lead capturing that contribute positively to the overall marketing campaign.

Customers’ Feedback and Insights

Mobile app helps in gathering valuable data from the customers and helps draw a clear picture of your growth and sales trajectory. It would identify the products that are doing good compared to the ones that are not, the regions that have emerged as the star performers, customers’ need, feedback and suggestions, and a range of other statistical data. It can help modify your marketing campaign and make it more focused for better results. 

Social Media

Most of the mobile apps allow users to sign in through their Facebook or Google credentials and it automatically engages the end users to the company’s social media channels. It would help you stay connected to your target audience. As most people are active in social media, it is essential to make your brand visible on various social media platforms to stay relevant and spike loyalty among the end users. 

Progressive companies are not afraid of change and embrace innovation as it is what holds the key to success in the future. With close to three billion smartphone users worldwide, it would be a mistake to rely solely on a portfolio website to drive sales and improve brand visibility. Having a mobile app for your business can contribute heavily to achieving your business goals and undermining its importance can be disastrous in the long-term.

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